1. Public Spending, Economic Opportunity for All EXTREMISM IN DEFENSE OF BUDGETING IS NO VIRTUE

    March 19, 2018
    GSI President Regina Egea weighs in on the topic of budget extremism in this editorial from ROI-NJ. “I believe that it’s much more the political structure that’s in the way than the intellectual," she says. She supports the pension and benefits…
  2. Governor Murphy, Economic Opportunity for All

    The Record: Big challenges await Phil Murphy in Trenton

    November 9, 2017
    The Record says New Jersey’s new Governor-Elect Phil Murphy faces “costly, long-term, vexing problems,” when he takes office in January. On top of the already burdensome list of programs and initiatives, Murphy promises two free years of community college, free…
  3. Public Spending, Economic Opportunity for All

    The Trentonian Opinion: Don’t raise taxes

    November 8, 2017
    After he’s sworn in as governor, Phil Murphy had better not raise taxes on the middle class, argues Jeff Edelstein, columnist for The Trentonian. It’s okay to take some more money from millionaires and corporations, but Murphy should take heed…
  4. Public Spending, Economic Opportunity for All

    WSJ Opinion: The Sorry State of New Jersey

    November 7, 2017
    New Jersey has suffered from its meager economic growth, writes The Wall Street Journal. Since 2010, the state’s GDP has grown at an annual rate of only 0.9% - less than half of the rate in the rest of the…
  5. Public Spending, Economic Opportunity for All

    Connecticut’s Fiscal Crisis Is a Cautionary Tale for New Jersey

    October 15, 2017
    Click above to read the report Connecticut provides a cautionary tale for the next governor of New Jersey, according to a report from the Garden State Initiative.With its “severe pension underfunding, a high tax burden and politically powerful government unions,”…