A Letter from Our President - Regina M. Egea

Like many of my fellow New Jerseyans, I couldn’t think of a better place to live, work and raise a family. I grew up on the beaches of Monmouth County and my family and I now live in a bucolic community in Morris County. New Jersey is home. 

Yet, year after year too many of our local businesses and neighbors have moved out of state because of the crushing tax burden and regulations that throttle growth and innovations.

After working for many years in business and in state government, I know how desperately our businesses and families need relief. New Jersey faces a serious fiscal crisis. Taxes are high thanks to the skyrocketing costs of government, and many of our state’s outdated policies threaten to bankrupt the state and the communities we call home.

That’s where the Garden State Initiative (GSI) comes in. As an independent, nonprofit organization, we take seriously our commitment to examine public policy options and offer alternative, intellectually honest solutions. Our goal at GSI is to offer timely, useful and, yes, even at times provocative alternatives to the standard “tax more and spend more” mantra that plagues our state.  

New Jerseyans deserve better. There is a better path forward and we have an opportunity, right now, to select that course for New Jersey; to make positive policy choices that will benefit all of us of us who call the Garden State our home. I am excited about the task before us and optimistic about our future. I hope that you will join us.   

We look forward to working with you. Together, we can put New Jersey back on the right track.


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Regina M. Egea