Adding It All Up: Interactive School Transportation Database

As a companion to our report Adding It All Up: New Jersey’s Opportunity to Reduce $200 Million in School Transportation Costs, Garden State Initiative has created an interactive database that will allow users to compare and contrast each district in the state on the basis of how they rate on a model that compares school districts on a level playing field.

Using the data-driven comparison model, our research determined that some districts are spending more than their peers on student transportation even though they have the same basic characteristics. While some factors, such as the number of special needs students, are beyond the control of school district leadership, many are the result of policy decisions at the district level such as so-called “courtesy busing” which is provided to students close enough to walk.

The fields below will allow you to view individual school districts, or groups of districts to see how they rank, how much is currently being spent on student transportation in those district, how much those districts are spending above or under the recommended amount of our model, what they would be spending by following the model, and the percent difference between the two. Clicking on the button at the end of the row will allow you to view further details on each individual district, including the number of students transported along with special needs students and courtesy busing supplied in-district.

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