Team Board of Directors Contributors


Regina M. Egea

President of the Garden State Initiative (GSI)

Regina M. Egea is President of the Garden State Initiative (GSI), an independent research and educational organization dedicated to promoting new investment, innovation and economic growth in New Jersey. She brings diverse private and public sector leadership experience to the organization’s mission and among many honors been recognized…

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William J. Smith

Dir. of Communications & Media Relations

William J. (Bill) Smith, is a seasoned communications executive with diverse experience in developing communications strategies in government, public transportation and healthcare. Bill joined GSI in April 2018 from Richmond University Medical Center in New York City where he oversaw media relations, marketing and community outreach. A…

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Justin J. Carifi

Senior Digital & Events Associate

Justin Carifi is the Senior Digital & Events Associate of Garden State Initiative (GSI). He graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey with a BS in Science and a BA in Education with a concentration in Special Needs. Justin is completing two Masters degrees in both…

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Audrey Lane

Audrey Lane is a Senior Vice President for MAD Global Strategy where she focuses on municipaland state government policy and strategic messaging for non-profits, political campaigns, and corporate clients. She is a public relations and communications professional focused on positive change through strong policy. Lane is known for her advocacy…

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