Thanks for joining us at the GSI Economic Policy Forum

Economists, tax experts, and legislators engaged in a spirited debate about what it will take to spur growth in New Jersey at GSI's Economic Policy Forum on May 2. The event focused on original research done for GSI by tax analysts at EY. Read the report here.

Thank you to our panelists:

  • Arthur Laffer, the “Father of Supply-Side Economics”
  • James Wetzler, former Commissioner of Taxation and Finance for New York State. 

  • James Freeman, the assistant editor of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page

  • Tom Byrne, co-chair of the Pensions and Benefits Study Commission

  • Assembly Majority Lou Greenwald (D), who spent many years on the Assembly budget committee

  • State Senator Steve Oroho (R), who sits on the Economic Growth, and Budget & Appropriations committees

  • Dan Geltrude, who founded accounting firm Geltrude & Co

  • Deborah Kostroun, formerly of Bloomberg TV and a current PR executive, was the moderator.