GSI’s Egea: Closure on the FY2020 state budget leaves unfinished business for NJ government

Garden State Initiative (GSI) president Regina M. Egea, issued the following statement on Governor Phil Murphy’s signing of the FY 2020 state budget:

“For the first time in recent memory, widespread and bipartisan agreement that our state taxes too much determined the content of our state budget.  Approving a budget without tax increases with yet higher spending represents a meaningful step but leaves unfinished business in order to restore our state as a place where both parents and their children can afford to live.

This incremental success must spur more bipartisan action this year to address our state’s addiction to spending. A budget that held the line on taxes in 2020 should serve as an impetus to build a 2021 budget that actually reduces spending and passes on savings to taxpayers.  This is not about Big or Small Government, it’s about Effective Government!”