The Garden State Initiative envisions New Jersey reclaiming its position as an economic engine of growth and prosperity; a state that is economically diverse and fiscally strong, with vibrant communities and a business environment that affords the opportunity for all its citizens to thrive.  


The Garden State Initiative’s mission is to strengthen New Jersey by providing an alternative voice and common sense policy solutions in the state—solutions that promote new investment, the growth of jobs, the creation of economic opportunities, and innovation to the benefit of all New Jerseyans.

For far too long, New Jersey’s fiscal and economic challenges have been looked at through one lens. A lens that does not focus on government as an entity to stimulate growth and prosperity. Rather government has been viewed as an Administrator of services defined by elected officials. The escalating cost of living and deteriorating quality of life of many are the result of that attitude. Fortunately, there is now a new organization that has seat at the table of public discourse; one that provides a credible alternative view. The Garden State Initiative provides a thoughtful, rational, and powerful voice for citizens who want an affordable and vibrant state for all our families and businesses. Through its research and policy proposals on growth-oriented tax policies, addressing the unsustainable cost of government, and developing high-return infrastructure-investment options, GSI will work to forge new pathways to prosperity for all New Jerseyans.
— Lawrence J. Mone, President, Manhattan Institute

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