NJ.com: There’s a cheaper way to fix roads in N.J. We’re just doing it wrong, study says.

Nothing in New Jersey is cheap, from the mortgage to taxes and many things in between.

The price to build roads and bridges here is especially high and a non-profit group’s report suggested ways to cut costs that could save taxpayers up to $2 billion. Does that have your interest?

Road construction here costs a painful $238,000 per mile, the highest of seven northeast states analyzed by experts for Garden State Initiative, a non-profit research and educational organization.

Even Massachusetts spends less at $197,000 per mile, according to the group. The report found the state could save a high of $2 billion if it its costs were in line with Pennsylvania and $1.3 billion, if road costs were in line with the seven northeastern states analyzed.

It recommends merging transportation agencies, more use of public-private partnerships and doing a better job selecting projects, the report said.

Read the full report here.