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    Trenton’s “Free” Gimmicks May Cost New Jersey Towns Big Bucks – GSI

    July 7, 2022
    By William J. Smith, GSI Staff As part of New Jersey’s record $50.6 billion budget, the Legislature and Governor crowed about a series of one-shot gimmicks to address the state’s affordability crisis. Included in their definition of “relief” were a…
  2. Public Spending, AFFORDABLE PLACE TO LIVE

    Governor’s Budget Offers No Relief for Renters – GSI

    March 29, 2022
    By William J. Smith, GSI Staff In his announcement of ANCHOR, the latest attempt by Trenton at property tax relief via rebate checks, Gov. Murphy proposed that for the first time those who rent an apartment would be eligible for…
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    Tax Cuts Are Happening Everywhere. What About New Jersey? – GSI

    February 23, 2022
    By William J. Smith, GSI StaffAcross the country, state governments, armed with large surpluses, are enacting significant tax reforms and tax cuts to offer relief to beleaguered taxpayers.Here in New Jersey, beyond generic talk of addressing voter concerns about “affordability”…